Ketan Kulkarni

Counselling Psychologist

Kia Ora and Welcome. I am experienced in helping people work through challenges to create lasting change and live fulfilling lives. I enjoy working with adults and children. We will work collaboratively to achieve your therapy goals.

Background and Experience
I have lived in New Zealand since 2006, with a short 3 year hiatus in 2009 to the US for my Masters in Clinical Psychology. For over a decade I have worked in community health organizations, addiction rehabilitation and private practice. My work has involved providing individual therapy to adults and children; supporting parents of adolescents with behavioural struggles;  facilitating groups that have focused on substance misuse; interpersonal relationships; anxiety, depression, trauma and resilience. I have delivered parent education to struggling parents as a parent educator; and provided supervision to mental health workers, counsellors, parent educators to support their practice as a manager. I have worked closely with my clients as well as schools, medical professionals, youth aide officers and Oranga Tamariki social workers. 

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Registrations and Professional Memberships

  • Member, New Zealand Psychological Society (NZPsS)
  • Registered Counselling Psychologist (NZPB)
  • International Affiliate American Psychological Association


  • Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology (AUT)
  • Master of Clinical Psychology - Mental Health Counselling (University of Indianapolis, USA)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Social Sciences (AUT)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (University of Pune, India)

Areas of Special Interest
Adults: Feeling stuck & overwhelmed, sadness, stress, depression, anxiety, anger, decision-making, life transitions, trauma, relationship issues.
Children, adolescents, teenagers: sadness, shyness, bullying, anger, disruptive behaviour, depression, anxiety.

Counselling/Therapy Services
We live in a complex world with many demands on us that affect our emotional wellbeing. I believe that every individual has within them their own creativity to work through these challenges and demands. I bring in all my experience and skills to help you access your own creativity, work through the barriers and experience contentment and satisfaction in life.

I have a special interest in working with immigrants as they navigate the acculturation experience. Particularly, I work with 1st generation immigrants from India with acculturation issues such as – workplace issues, differences in values, differences in parenting in New Zealand, etc. I also help children and teenagers of 1st generation immigrants with the challenges of balancing their own cultural values while integrating Kiwi values.

Counselling for children:
Children also experience distress that gets communicated either in their behaviour (aggression, disruptiveness, attention struggles) or their emotions (anger, depression and anxiety). This usually creates frustration and worry for you as a parent. I help children give expression to their emotions and needs in insightful ways so they can continue to be curious and creative in order to improve the quality of their relationships to themselves, with family, with peers and school.

Counselling/Therapy Approach
Adults: My approach to therapy is collaborative and creative. We will focus on developing a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship to create long term change. I have worked with a diverse range of people and I bring in all my experience and skill to help you achieve your therapy goals.

Children: I am experienced helping children of all ages negotiate the trials of childhood and will connect with them empathically and kindly. Play is the language of children and play-based, creative, non-directive and expressive therapeutic interactions help in generating lasting change for them. I work hard to balance providing children their autonomy during sessions, while also empowering parents to support the gains their children make in therapy.